How to earn Bitcoins?

Method one: you can engage in mining Bitcoin, this type of income is without a doubt the most profitable, but due to rapidly increased complexity of solutions (hashes), without modern computing power to earn more or less than normal amounts in fact not possible, and Asic specifically designed for these purposes, a good thing, but its cost is very high. Yes, you can use for production and basic video card, but this is a dubious activity, because in order for her to earn at least 0.01 BTC be months daily and nightly operations of Your computer. Someone can say that you just have to use a farm (multiple video cards combined in one computer), once I can say about it that will pay off the farm through the years.
The Second way is to Buy Bitcoins on the Exchange and try to capitalize on the change in the value of Bitcoins. Although this method will require investments, and delve into it we will not.
The Third way is to Play online games for Bitcoins. This way of earning is risky enough, you can win, and with the same ease everything to lose.
The Fourth way: Surfing for Bitcoins. This is a simple and not complicated way of earning Bitcoins, simple registration on Bitcoin PTC site with which You will not have any difficulties after you register immediately begin to view advertisements for Bitcoins.
The Fifth way: it's just that every hour you come to the site Bitcoin sponsor, solve the captcha and get paid, if you go to the site at least several times a day, you can actually even earn not bad.

How to start?

If you want to start earning Bitcoins, you need a wallet to store them or change to other money. You can get a wallet here. Money from our websites are credited to your wallet in the system Faucetbox (micropayments), then sends them to Faucetbox your wallet. There are still many websites, such as Faucet, where you can just enter the captcha and get a free amount of Satoshi. See Faucet list and Rotator. Good luck to you.

1 BTC = ~1282.27 USD
1 USD = ~77986 Satoshis

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